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You may have a few investments and believe that your consistent income and portfolio gains means you are in good shape, but there's a chance you may just be caught in the upswing of the market. I call this green number methodology: you see gains in your account, so you become comfortable. Do you know if you're being efficiently compensated for the risk you're taking in the market? How would you know if there was a similar, lower-risk option that could bring you the same returns or more?

Asset allocation analysis

Risk and volatility measurements

Portfolio tax efficiency

Revealed portfolio expenses

Employee stock option analysis


All of my clients tell me they eventually want to retire. The question is, what is that retirement going to look like? We provide an in depth analysis of your financial situation to adjust for all the obstacles that come before and after you become financially independent. Did you know there is a 7 in 10 chance you will require long-term care after age 65? That being said, your risk of getting in an auto accident is 0.4% and a house fire is 0.08%, but when was the last time you didn't pay your auto or home insurance?*

Needs assessment

Retirement income modeling

Benefits analysis

Distribution options


When it comes to estate planning, generally, you will have three available partners to share your wealth: family, charity, and the estate taxes. Choose two. You've worked your entire life to grow and establish your assets. The consequences of doing nothing could result in half of what you've built ending up in the estate taxes. Let's cushion, or even eliminate, that blow to leave behind the legacy you imagined. Money talks. Make sure it's saying the right thing.

Will and trust design strategies

Property ownership/titling alternatives

Estate tax reduction techniques

Life insurance analysis

Qualified plan distribution alternatives

Family-gifting strategies

Charitable planning


Through Lincoln Financial Advisors Business Intelligence Institue, we address critical issues of business growth, compensation, tax reduction, and leadership succession. All of this is accomplished through an ongoing relationship, coordination with your personal financial plan, and solutions tailored to help meet your specific business needs. There are 21 different ways to transfer a business. How many of those have you considered?

Exit and succession planning

Executive compensation plans

Group benefit and retirement plans


College is a hassle, for many more reasons than just trusting your child to live on their own and not burn down their building. Looking for scholarships, dealing with FAFSA, choosing a proper savings account, and investing in funds that fit your family's needs, it can be overwhelming. I was very active and involved in my college, and I will work with you to make sure your child has the funding for an education and experience that will make a difference in their life. 

College savings and funding plans



*Source: National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, www.naela.org/library, 2012.